Kimberley Authentic Art offers a safe environment in Broome, Western Australia, where Aboriginal artists feel comfortable painting and welcome everyone to come and watch, have a yarn and purchase an authentic, ethical piece of Aboriginal artwork at prices that will never be seen in galleries or Art Centres. Visitors will hear first-hand the stories of bushtucker, how the ancient lands belonging to their ancestors was created over 60,000 years ago, and feel assured in the knowledge that these artist recieve the FULL AMOUNT of the price they have set themselves.
Further to the experience of having a yarn and photos with artists, Kimberley Authentic Art provides its customers with a profile of the artist for most pieces of artwork sold where possible. This profile provides a brief introduction of the artist and thier ancestors, their achievements, andsome fun facts as told straight from the artists themselves. 
Kimberley Authentic Art are encouraging  artists where possible to sign each piece of artwork and have a photo taken holding their creations for absolute authenticity and to ensure in the future the artists' families are provided for after the passing of the artist.
Certificate of Authenticity
A Certificate of Authenticity is provided for all artwork over $200 or by request.  This Certificate of Authenticity, also known as the provenance of the painting, provides the buyer with a guarantee from Kimberley Authentic Art that the artwork being purchased is a genuine work of art by the Aboriginal artist named. An image of your purchase is included on the Certificate as well as some information on the story being painted and is signed by Bethany Cooper, owner of Kimberley Authentic Art, with permission from the artists to produce these Certificates.
The Certificate is comprised of the following details about the painting:
* Size
* Medium
* Inventory Number – A unique number assigned to each individual artwork
* Date the artwork was created 
* Artist’s Name & Skin
* Artist’s Language Group
* Artist’s Country
* Title/Story of Artwork
* Brief Description of the artwork’s story as told by the artist
* Signature of the owner of Kimberley Authentic Art with permission by the artists.
Each Certificate of Authenticity is printed onto Kimberley Authentic Art  letterhead and provides exceptional provenance for each artwork.