Hozaus Claire is a young Walmajarri/ Gooniyandi man from Fitzroy Crossing. Born in Derby he grew up in the Fitzroy Valley with the Elders as his teachers.


Hozaus is a respected member of the community and highly regarded amongst his peers and Elders for his leadership skills and ability to teach traditional ways. His paintings reveal the beauty and diversity of the Kimberley which everyone - Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal - can experience, sharing the land and working together, one of Hozaus’ main passions.

Working with youth is another one of his passions and he utilises this and his artistic and leadership skills in his youth work. He is also one of the co-founders of “The Fitzroy Crossing Mural Project” which is facilitating the creation of many public art pieces around Fitzroy Crossing and surrounding communities.


He was a finalist in the 2018 Hedland Art Awards and travelled to Trinity College, University of Melbourne, for the ANKA Arts Worker Extension Program (AWEP) Foundation Program 2019. Most recently Hozaus won the 2020 Football West Belt Up NAIDOC Ball Competition.